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Profit from advancing mobile technology.

In a recent survey, Google discovered that consumers start the product-decision process with their smartphone. In fact, mobile devices have become the most important tool in the consumer “decision journey.” How, then, do credit unions find ways to connect with members in that journey?

The video, How Technology Impacts Your Members’ Development, uncovers four key practices that credit unions must implement in order to speak to members each time they visit the credit union’s mobile site.

Digital media expert Uwe Hook will discuss:

  • The importance of adding value to “mobile moments”
  • Why your credit union must have an authentic purpose that connects your brand to members
  • Why you must take into account the “expectation economy” in the services offered
  • The future of “conversational commerce” and why you must keep a watchful eye on this phenomenon

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Sample preview of recorded THINK 16 Industry Session: "How Technology Impacts Your Members' Development." Submit form to view the full-length recording.

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