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A New Frontier: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

A goldmine of information lay deep within your systems. Discover how to unlock the potential of data to help you navigate the most important opportunities and challenges facing your credit union. New advancements in machine learning can translate to a powerful, competitive edge, helping you better serve members at every touch-point they choose.

Machine Learning Advantages
  • Better Member Security – attacks are stopped faster with real-time fraud detection and blocks
  • Greater Cardholder Convenience – false positives are reduced with precise fraud detection
  • Enhanced Engagement – enhanced customer insights provide opportunity for more personalized interactions with members
  • Smarter Cross-Selling – detailed member profiles shed light on the products that they need the most
  • Improved Service Levels – faster issue resolution can be realized with easier global access to data
Why Act Now

Artificial intelligence was feasible for only vast government entities and the largest of corporations to leverage in the past. Today, the most advanced data solutions, including CO-OP’s own platform that will go live this year, can be implemented by your credit union quickly, easily and affordably.

Unleash the sheer power of your data.

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Based in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., CO-OP Financial Services is a ginancial technology company that harnesses the vast breadth and depth of our insights, network and connections in order to provide a customizable suite of tools and services for credit unions. With a motto of "Be There, Be More", CO-OP's business lines include ATM, CO-OP Member Center, Connect (including CO-OP Shared Branching), Card Payments, Engagement, Security Innovations and THINK.