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Webinar: "Issuer Investment to Help Navigate Industry Headwinds"


This hour-long webinar offered by CO-OP Financial Services and presented by Mercator Advisory Group addresses recent changes in the U.S. credit and debit issuing markets. The presentation includes survey and market data to illustrate how changes are having a profound impact on card issuers and why business-as-usual tactics will not sustain the same results as in the past.

Key takeaways:

  • How changes in the product and payment preferences impact issuer's credit and debit portfolios
  • How digital payment options like card-on-file, mobile wallets and merchant wallets are changing payment habits
  • What issuers are doing to keep their members engaged


Webinar: Issuer Investment to Help Navigate Industry Headwinds

Duration: 60 minutes


Sarah Grotta

Sarah Grotta
Director of
Debit Advisory Service
Mercator Advisory Group


Ken Paterson
Vice President of
Research Operations
Mercator Advisory Group

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